Tuesday, 15 April 2014

One week


I've had the last week off, and it's been pretty nice. I don't feel like I've been super productive, but I have done one heck a lot of laundry (washing all the quilts) and I have done quite a bit of trawling to the shops and back for various things.

So, in no particular order:

I've re-started the couch to 5k program (starting week 3 of that tomorrow) and I've started the 30 day plank challenge (on day 9 today which is a minute *eek*).

I went to the library - where I encountered a pidgen of all things. Hey, I guess birds want to read too...

Pigeons like to read too

I finally went and got my hair cut - just at the local hairdressers here. I want to grow it out a bit but it desperately needed a tidy up and thin.

Hair trim time


Ate some jelly beans and jelly babies and debated which came first with the stormtroopers.

Hmm, well, let's taste the jelly bean and see

Framed my series 11 LEGO folk

LEGO series 11 boxed

Replaced my old birkenstocks with an identical model

New v old Birkenstocks

Played some quidditch

Quidditch break

Went for Sunday morning coffee with Pip

Sunday morning coffee

Fell in love with this colour:

New favourite colour combo

Built and reviewed this Hobbit House over at Stepping Sideways with Bricks

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

Practised taking long exposures of the moon:


Pip's Moon

Made giant rolos (and ate said giant rolos (so.much.chocolate))

Did we shrink?

Ate at Ed's diner


Okay, I've done quite a bit. But in addition to this, I have napped a lot and read a lot. Still another 6 days before I have to go back to work so more reading and sleeping to be done, as well as an attempt to make a rolo easter egg!

What are you up to in this pre-Easter week? Looking forward to the long weekend?

Friday, 4 April 2014

Kick back, it's Friday!

Wow! My 500th post! Eek! Real post below the line!



Friday at last.


It's been a busy week at work as we started a new project and continued working on all the other things we are up to. At least the site I am working on is finally in development so I can relax about that project whilst it's built. With everything going on at work, it's weird that I am taking almost two weeks off in the lead up to Easter - but hopefully that means I can return to it all a little refreshed and hopefully not too out of it!

There's also been this nightmare this week at work: Drilling. Right in front of me. Like being at the dentist all day. The whole floor was shaking. Thankfully I worked from home today so had a little reprieve from it. Finger's crossed it will be finished over the weekend.

Also this week: there was also the time I biked to the train station without my wallet and had to go back home on the bus to get it. What a nightmare. Never change your wallet - you will be forever more confused into thinking you have it with you! (Also, putting a plate on top of it so it was hidden when you grabbed your bag probably didn't help!)

Outside of work, what have I done? Well, Pip and I watched Frozen. If you haven't seen it, I don't really want to give anything away, but it is well worth watching. Guy's will love it too - Pip certainly did.

I've also watched the start of season 1 Supernatural. Has anyone watched this? Does it get better? I was kind of hoping that with 8 seasons, it would be brilliant, but mostly it's a bit meh.

 I also bought and reviewed Mia's Lemonade stand - that's over on my LEGO blog for anyone interested.


I won an ebay auction for Batman (and a couple of other figures, but mostly I was after Batman!) Ebay is very stressful - still not convinced I like it all that much but it is handy for picking up random figures. Do you use ebay? How do you cope with the pressure?
Hey Babe

What did you do this week? Are you glad it's Friday?

Sunday, 30 March 2014

One of those days

Happy Mother's Day mum!

Today started out with all the good intentions. The clocks went forward and we started the day by going for a run, but Pip tripped up about a minute in and smashed his shoulder so we ended up getting it checked out at A&E. He's fine - just stiff and bruised.

Thankfully, that only took an hour or so, so we got back home in order to cook his Mum the annual full English breakfast. However a sick elderly neighbour required some medical help so his Mum was over the road helping her for a few hours.

We eventually had breakfast at about 12.30. More like lunch! ;)

We're about to cook a nice dinner tonight too - Jamie's 30 minute Piri Piri chicken, which will be fun. If Pip can move his arm enough.

Also today - I've blogged about the LEGO party that took place in our house. Those stormtroopers are some crazy dudes.

It's a LEGO party! (22x100LEGO)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day/

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thinking of good things.

Dino spotting

It's been a long week. Lot's going on here, and much of it anxiety inducing and stressful.

But, not to dwell, good things hightlights:

- We moved offices at work, into an open plan one (productivity in the office has plumeted - too many distractions - something to get used to for sure)

- I figured out how to watch the Walking Dead on Netflix and I've watched a season and a half so far. Starts out excellent, but by season 3, i'm feeling it's a little more like a soap opera with the occasional zombie.

-I entertained myself by making sand out of semolina for my sandtroopers to play with.

- I started a LEGO themed blog - Stepping Sideways with Bricks, so I stop posting my crazy  LEGO stuff here (obviously, single photos don't count!) I wanted to call it stepping on LEGO, but that was taken (and not even by a LEGO themedblog, then I realised that NO LEGO blogs are called anything to do with LEGO, so stepping with LEGO was out too)...

- Pip introduced me to this game '2048'- it's incredibly addictive.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ticking a list

What was I checking these off for? 

I started re-reading Lord of the Rings last night, for the first time in some years.

My copy of Rings is from 2001, and is the movie tie-in edition.

In opening it, I noticed that I had started checking off chapters from book 1. I can't for the life of me remember why I did this. (If I did this back when I got the book, I would have been 13 or so.)

Have you ever come across odd markings in your books and wondered why you put them there?

I really am  baffled by this. Why are some ticks and some dashes? Were they the chapters I liked? Maybe bits that were missing from the movie (I was saddened by the lack of Tom Bombadil in the films)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A list of things that need spring cleaning

Snail says 'Happy First Day of Spring'

Happy first day of spring everyone! It's been a pretty windy and overcast day for it, but we can start looking forward to longer days and maybe a little more sunshine!

My listography diary had this prompt last week about spring cleaning, and I actually filled this one in! (I've been a little disappointed with them so far - they are very American.)

So, my list of things that need spring cleaning is:

- my wardrobe (time to get rid of some old clothes)
- my bookcase (need to take some of my books up into the loft, or buy another bookcase)
- my desk (I seem to do this far too frequently, and it never stays tidy!)
- my iPhoto (trying to keep it more organised this year)
- the bathroom (always so dusty)
- my mind (It has quite a lot of cobwebs)
- the bedside table unit thing (so. much. stuff)
- all the dusty places (this is an old house and seems to just gather dust instantly!)

What are you planning on spring cleaning? How do you motivate yourself to do it?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Train travel

Morning world

The more you travel by train (or any public transport) the more you notice about the people you travel with. It's pretty much the same people everyday. We all get in the same carriage every day. We mostly sit in the same seats too.

Today's morning commuters (it's a different lot of people on the train back home) include the man who gets cross with people really easily; there's the couple with matching rucksacks and there's the two guys I can never remember which one gets off at my stop - which is silly, as looking at them, they don't really look alike.

Everyone is pretty much on a phone or tablet/kindle. The tinny sound of music is coming from someone with bad headphones.

One guy has huge headphones, that are probably bigger than his head. Good for blocking out noise I guess but they look ridiculous.

At the last stop (for me) the train fills up. Often a daily mail reading lady gets on and she likes to sit on the end seats by the door. Sighs if it's not free.

People are starting to stop wearing big coats. Lighter ones are coming out. One chaps gone completely without. Just a jumper. Brave choice today as the forecast isn't great.

At least today no one is eating anyhing crazy weird or smelly. And no one is sniffing - which is great - the sniffers drive me up the wall.

Sit in a train carriage everyday and you can witness the human condition.

In the early hours of the day, on the commute to work, it mostly involves people living through their phones, desperate trying not to make eye contact or admit they are in close proximity to others.

It's an interesting thing to think about these people and what they do everyday. I wonder if everyone does this when they are on a train? Do you have any odd people you travel with but don't know?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Legography in London

LEGO Lizzi and LEGO Julie
LEGO Lizzi and LEGO Julie rest up at Westminster cathedral.

This weekend's been pretty awesome all round really. Today has been completely chilled, with a little laundry on the side, and yesterday, I got to meet Julie from Moments of Perfect Clarity, for a little shopping and LEGO photography across London!

She was over on a work trip, but came a day early to spend some time in sunny (amazingly!) England, and I jumped at the chance to say hi!

We both packed a camera and a pile of minifigures with which to take in the sights, as well as our little LEGO selves for some good old (new?) legography.

We spent some seven hours wondering around London, chatting and taking photos (and hunting for lip glosses of a variety of sorts for her daughter!). My feet are definitely feeling it today!

Pidgen photobomb 
Pigeon photobomb

Emmet caused a little trouble at the Houses of Parliament, where he caught the notice of (a very nice) police guard. The guard came over to ask why we were taking photos of LEGO. Luckily, Julie has the great excuse of working for them!

He's watching you Emmet!
He's watching you!

Emmet fled the scene!

Flee Emmet!
Run, Emmet, run!

One thing we noticed across the day, was that blue tac would not go amiss when trying to set figures up on ledges. We almost lost cat women and stormy a couple of times over the side of this bridge.

Cat women survived the day to make it to Buckingham Palace at sun down where she proceeded to make off with a jewel!

Cat Woman stole the jewels!
Cat women takes off!

Some (okay, like 2) non LEGO photos were taken. This one of Julie taking a photo of Panda Suit Guy:

LEGO photograpy
Photo taking time
And this one, of someone taking a photo of a person under the cherry blossom. Spring had sure sprung yesterday!

Photographing photos
Spring time in London

One thing (it's even non-LEGO related) I did notice yesterday, was that I say 'like' in conversation way more than anyone should. I think it's picked up from TV and general speech patterns changing, but I can't be sure. It's almost become my new 'erm' and it really bugs me that I do it. Sorry about that Julie. Going to try and re-train my brain into speaking like an actual human! I wonder if that's do-able? There's actually blog posts about the problem. The BBC's even jumped in. I wonder if it's universal in English speaking countries and WHY have I started doing it? Has anyone else noticed it's a thing? I've never really thought about it before, but I noticed I was doing it yesterday, a lot, and it was annoying me. Seriously, if anyone, hears me say (out of an 'I like this' context), please tell me off.

So it was a great day in all, and thanks to Julie for the LEGO she gave me, and for being as awesome in real life as she is online (and for not axe-murdering me in true internet stranger danger style). It was great to meet someone from the internet world, and who gets the LEGO thing!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Max's and Murps

Along with the standard Mixels come the Max's. The models you build from the 3 smaller models.

This is what I spent yesterday doing (whilst watching Game of Thrones!)

Electroids Max
Electroids Max

Cragsters Max

Rock guys Max

Infernites Max

Infernites Max

I was a little disappointing that they didn't use ALL the pieces from the three models. You would end up with random bits left (which I reckon could be easily lost!)

The Mixels range encourages you to take apart your models and re-build, either into something from the LEGO site (lots of instructions there) or something of your own creation! This is pretty hard for someone like me who struggles to build without instructions, but I was up for the challenge!

Using the bits leftover from my Max models I made these Murps:

Mixel leftover Murp

Mixel leftover Murp

Mixel leftover Murp

I also made this guy out of as many pieces as I could.

Max mixel murp

Are you re-building with your Mixels? Do you have a favourite?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

All the Mixels

Mixels series 1

Yeah, I got them all. Once you have one, you realise how cute they are and will rush out to get the others!

The Electroids:

Mixel Volectro

Mixel Teslo

Mixel Zaptor

The Cragsters:

Mixel Seismo

Mixel Shuff

Mixel Krader

The Infernites:

Mixel Flain

Mixel Zorch

Mixel Vulk

Have you got any of these guys? What do you think of them? Have you made any of the 'Max' ones? Or perhaps a Murp?
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