Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Evening in.


Pip cooked steak sarnies for us tonight. Very yummy. Reminds me once again of the joy of cooking and shared meals. I will add more to this tomorrow when not on my phone.

Food and Family was a great post over on a sustainable life that got me thinking about cooking and food and family. This was my responce:

I believe that food is for many people (not myself) just something that is required and is not any fun. Personally I feel that this could not be further than the truth. I was raised around cooking and good food (after the age of 10 anyhows) and so was my partner. He loves to cook, I love to bake. We even each other out in the kitchen! Prepping is all part of the process and definitely has a value in its own right. In part it is a bonding experience of those involved, but it also sparks creativity. It is a way of providing something to those you love in a way that you decide, that comes from you. We cook most of our meals from scratch, and whilst sometimes we will cheat (tonight's burritos were from a kit for example) mostly we know how our food is made!

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