Friday, 19 August 2011

Worrisome worries and pointless fears


I worry about everything. Truly, everything. Right now I'm worried about a potential, not even confirmed job interview that may not even happen.

I'm worried about the fact that I emailed the person arranging it after leaving a phone message and not hearing back. Why? I don't really know. A follow up in writing is always a good idea if you didn't speak to the person yourself.

Its possibly the coffee for breakfast, the time-of-the-month hormones, or the stress of being away from home to attend a wedding of people you have never met and staying with people you have never met and your dress is damaged by a pulled thread.

It is worrying about life in general, about your crappy low paid job, about tax and council tax and how to keep going when, after a day at work, you just want to sleep and not do those fun things you want to do but are too tired to care about.

Am I alone in this? Probably not. I mean, everyone faces these things. More so those of us who have left university and found the economic world and all the promises made to us in school about the merits of further education crumbling around us. How do we claw our way out of it? Is it doomed to be my life or will I manage to get somewhere, someplace that I want to be? Who knows?

All I know is that right now I need to calm down, stop over thinking things,and just get on with life as it comes at me. Sometimes I need to be told to stop thinking, to put it away and leave it alone.

Things are out of my hands.

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  1. I've had an underlying fearful worry going for awhile now...I think it's in the air, but also in the season. you're definitely not alone. and I'm dead jealous of your purple chucks...

  2. if you don't have anything obvious to worry about, you find something. i'm like that too. i think this worrying-feature in so many of us might be a woman-thing, beacuse i have honestly never heard a man talking about how worried he is about this and that. women should start worrying less and men start worrying more.

    as you know, i too feel trapped in a crap situation and i have yet to figure out (after years, sigh) how to get myself out of it. life sucks that way. and really, this can't be how it's suppose to be??? financial issues and society's expectations always seem to keep us captured. i hate it.

    i hope your job interview will be a good one and that it's nothong to worry about at all!


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