Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday Suck


Today has sucked. I meant truly and utterly. It started badly, and has continued to be a nightmare of a day.

A list of suck:

- I woke up late and grumpy.
- I took a numerical reasoning test and pretty much failed in a state of tears and desperation. I'm applying for the civil service, but if I can't I prove my maths before I take the real test then I'm not sure it's worth the effort!
- I was cooking a chicken, and the oven got turned off half way through. No idea how long it had been off for, or how long it would need, I figured I would go to the supermarket to get some chicken breast for the dinner. After fighting the ridiculous amount of people in Tesco, and getting some snacks, I walked home, only to almost get pissed on by a guy peeing over the subway. *shudders* I jumped in the shower as soon as I got in!!!
- home and pip lets me know, he won't be home before dinner, argh. although, after this, he did sweetly come home and help me cook, before dashing off again.
- in tidying up the one good thing of the day, I spilt my sewing box everywhere! Ack!

I'm now tucked up on the sofa in boiling temperatures that are more suited to high summer than autumn, watching dr who, merlin and the the dr who confidential! Also have some kiddie sweeties keeping me company!

The good though, I made a polka dot Christmas stocking. Awesome.

Hope everyone had a better saturday than me!


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