Thursday, 28 April 2011

When movies make you think.

Lord of War. A Nicolas Cage movie.
Purchased for £3 in ASDA this week for some general entertainment. Didn't expect too much from it judging by the explosion innthe case.
Wow. Talk about never judging something from outward perceptions.

If you have any interest in the arms trade, and it's effects and the politics surrounding it, watch this film.

I won't spoil it, but it follows the story of one arms dealer, from when he first gets involved to when he is very successful in the post cold war era! It doesn't shy away from the horrors of the arms trade and the cost that weapons have on lives. It examines how the dealer copes with what he does, how his family copes and a whole myriad of other fascinating insights into wars in Africa.

The one thing i do want to bring up is that at the start of the film, before you get the DVD menu, there is a compulsory advert. It is set up like one of those shopping channels but they sell guns. Legally. Due to loopholes. As the ad continues, the number of sales increases. The advert is for amnesty international. I have never seen something like this at the beginning of a film like this. It is one of those things that the movie needed. The film does not glorify the arms trade. It is gritty, realistic and horrifying. Adding such an advert keeps it in your thoughts that these deals happen. That genocides and fail murder happen, because of the provision of weapons to the poorest of poor.

If you can get a copy of this movie, watch it. And think about it. That os the way change can begin.

Some links: amnesty international on it's support of the film:

I can't find the psa from the start, but apparently it is only on the uk DVD. Alas. I will have a better look tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Smatterings


Reading: Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her books are my guilty comfort reading. Something I can switch off to and just enjoy the romance and silliness of her worlds.

Watching: Doctor Who, The Impossible Astronaut of course. Some said it was too wordy, too in depth sic fi. I say it is exactly how smart I want my tv to be; leaving me thinking and questioning. Two thumbs up and keen for next week!

Crafting: my quilt. All squares, bar the six alphabet tiles, are done! Whoopee! I cannot wait to sew it all together! Then I just need to learn to quilt!

Feeling: grumpy with a side of dizzy. Not sure why, but my head is doing cartwheels. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Eating: Easter eggs, duh. And homemade tortillas. These are so easy, I'm never buying shop brought again! Oh, and gammon and boiled eggs with cherry tomatoes. Cold food was a definate good idea this Easter.

Pip: awesome. Did all the gardening for me and cleaned the oven. He's a keeper.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why am I awake this early?

I had hoped for a lay in today, but alas, it was not meant to be! My body is determined to wake me up at 7am regardless of my plans to catch up on some sleep.

As I'm awake, I'm checking up on blogs, posting and twittering! Yeah.

I do have some vague goals for this chilled out saturday though.

1. Make hot cross buns from scratch
2. Make tortillas from scratch! It's homemade fajhita night!
3. Tidy the bedroom and the kitchen. Both need desperately sorting out; although some of this may be done tomorrow.
4. Finish sewing the quilt blocks I have made up. I have 5 left to sew together and 6 to figure out how to make up to12x12. Then, amazingly I just need to sew the top together!

Right. I'm going to see about some coffee. Have a great Saturday all.
And I guess happy st georges day too! And happy Easter!


Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Treats

Wow. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Work has been completely crazy. I mean, coming home from work collapsing kind of crazy. Plus, last weekend was spent doing a lot of travelling and some IKEAing. Which I would have blogged about, but forgot about doing! Let's just say I had meatballs and I brought some kitchen stuff. Photos of the kitchen cupboard in its organised glory tomorrow.

For now, have some instructions on easy Easter treats!

Step 1:

Find some pretty cupcake cases!

 Step 2:

 Melt some chocolate, butter, and golden syrup.

Smooth and goopy!

Step 3:
Add cornflakes, spoon into cupcake cases and add mini eggs! (Eat the leftovers. Nom!)

Step 4:

Add some Easter chicks. Or not. They left hairs all over the cases!

Also. We planted more herbs. Bare foot. In pots.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Playing with colour themes and embroidering Moo cards. If anyone is interested in contributing, let me know. I have the urge to continue this piece beyond what I have already done.

Converse and Argyle sock love on Bench Monday.

Birthday Boy
A little brother who turned 9 on Tuesday. 9 years already? Really?

The Crate Challenge for a birthday party.

Hard Hats
I had to wear a hard hat whilst in there taking photos!

Moo Spread
Some new Moo cards with my email address on arrived. Yay.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Playing at Embroidery

A few weeks ago I swapped some moo cards. A few weeks ago I got into some basic embroidery. This was the result after one evening when I wanted something to do:


A few days later and I have this:

Hmm, can't get that too embed.

Anyway. Thanks julochka and pia!

Sun in Springtime

Wow. What an amazing, glorious weekend of sunshine. It has been warm, sunny and with such blue, blue, skies.


(I can't tell you what that mark in the sky is. I think it is a flaw in the camera lens but it hasn't appeared in all my photos so I need to investigate.)

I arrived home Saturday morning and we went to the skate park as Alfie got a bmx bike for his birthday (9 already! Yikes)


There were some very impressive moves going on.

Sunday we went back to the skate park and then home where I spent a nice afternoon in the garden with my book.

It's a very impressive book. All about what would happen to the earth and the plants and animals on it when humans just disappear It is a really fascinating read. Its called the world without us by Alan Weisman.anyone interested in the effect of humanity should have a read.

I'm off now to help bake pizza cake, go shopping and get the party stuff ready for tomorrow!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

London on a sunny afternoon


So I had a job interview today. I'm not sure it went very well, or at least, that  am who they are looking for. I won't be surprised with rejection from this one. And probably not to ridiculously upset either. 

I think I spoke to much, and when asked about the role of social networking i rambled. I know I did this and maybe they won't remember that bit so much. But I rambled and I shouldn't have. I was trying to make a point about online communities and real life communities and how the current generation will see the growing importance of both. I should have told myself to shut up but it is something I have quite a strong opinion on.

Anyway, this interview was in a tiny office in the heart of London. So I did what every slightly depressed post interview girl should in a pretty frock would do. I walked along to regents street and stopped in hamleys (huge ass toy shop) and then I walked along Oxford street. Went in Anthrpologie for the first time and fell in love with their stuff and in particular the living wall they had there. Well worth a look in if you are ever passing. Not sure if this is relevant to all anthropologie stores or not. Might be. Still, very impressive
I then strolled/limped to oxford street looking for s shoe shop that sold converse. I had been going to wait a while before buying them but damn, my new interview shoes hurt like a bitch. So I was nosing in Selfridges and found their shoe gallery. Now. I'm not a huge girly girl when it comes to shoes but my god, there were lots of amazing shoes. I went to the office store bit and found converse. They didn't have half sizes so I had to get 7's for width but mu new purple shoes went out of the store on my much happier feet. Yes. Purple converse with a formal polka dot dress, I rock in so many ways! Bit hey, my feet, whilst still in pain, at least feel mostly better for being in flats. 

Then I strolled along taking some photos, stopping in some of the more impressive Oxford street shops. Then I got to primark. Yikes. I went in for some of their cheap leggings as we don't have one at home and it was ginormous and packed with people who had entire baskets filled to the brim. It was crazy. I brought some leggings, a cookie monster t-shirt, some knickers and some socks. Exciting. After this I was shopped out so I headed home, missing a train as I stopped for Starbucks. Opps.

Looking forward to getting home now.


This was written yesterday on the train home. More later. I have coffee to drink and work to get too!

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Bad Day's Musings


Long and not good day. Have felt sick for most of it. Came home from work around 1.30 in the end. Luckily they had double booked the shift and gave me the option of staying or going or I would have carried on till 5 giving some of the most un-engaging customer service in the world. I don't dislike my job but when you are feeling off-colour, dealing with people is the last thing you need. Particularly on a day like today where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

I also managed to get my interview time pushed back enough for me to be able to get a cheaper train fare. Ten minutes time difference and the price drops from £40 to £20. This is a job seeker on a budget. Getting places in this country is expensive. I don't know how people who have no job can afford to travel to get to interviews. I wish public transport in the country was not so prohibitive. I get why it costs a certain amount, but £20 less because the train arrives at 10.51 and not 10.46 is ridiculous. Anyway the chap was lovely enough to move the time half hour back for me. They must be used to broke graduates looking for work.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

My Mum

My Mum is fabulous. Really.
She is my Mum and my friend.
She is my inspiration.
She is there for me.
She encourages me.
She loves me.

I love you Mum. Thanks for everything you do and for so much more.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Shopping 101

Today was shopping day. My one and only, for this and for several, months. It was a pricey morning out! I will not be getting Converse yet to make up for the cost of the bag. I have dreamed of this bag for a long time and finally decided that, even with a bag I liked a little cheaper, I would regret not paying the extra for the one I truly wanted. I love it. Pockets for everything, firm enough to slip my iPad in and not be too worried about it, key hook, and a matching purse when my bank account recovers! :p

I have a job interview next week (ekk) and I needed to get a jacket and shoes (and smartish bag (see above)). My current suit jacket has grown exponentially or I have shrunk... Either way, I needed an alternative. I found a cute linen blend jacket in M&S that I will probably wear more often in the summer than a proper suit jacket. It cuts in at the waist and has cropped sleeves. Cute. It's in the black though! I didn't want a power suit type of get up, so it's this, a polka dot dress and these shoes! It comes together pretty well. It's smart, but also very me! Will have to break the shoes in before Wednesday though!

Less successful was my hunt for an iPad2 case. I think I may have to resort to etsy to find one as no one seems to be making them right. What I really want is a hard shell on the back that works with the smart cover but that is currently a non-existent product. I also want a decent soft case for it to go in when in my bag. Again, this is proving beyond a company to yet make. *sigh* It already has some scratches on the back (I don't know how and that bugs me) and I want to protect it from more.

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