Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Pixel People

I have finally, finally, finally, finished my cousins birthday present.
It's been planned for months, and only just finished!

Here is some shots of it in progress:

Evening in.

Sunday night stitching...

Big bang theory pixel people.

Glue gun!

The back. Best I could come up with...

... and it all started with a big bang...

It's nice to see something get done. Everything else I am doing right now is in progress.

Life in progress.

What projects are you working on that are finishing up?


  1. Love it! Half done projects? Humm, a stain glass piece, wine cork board, pin cushins and a half dozen things I thinking about starting.

  2. Awesome Big Bang Theory cross stitch, very cool. I don't have any projects that I'm finishing at the moment; seems like April is more a time to start new ones, like the A to Z blog challenge and (possibly) a new novel!

  3. WOW! Color me mightily impressed! What a unique, thoughtful gift! Brava!!!

    Some Dark Romantic

  4. That is amazing! You are very talented. I wish you had pattern to sell.


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