Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reading, or lack thereof

I've just been looking over my old live journal entires. On average, I read about 150 books a year.

Last year I probably read about 10. So far, this year, I've read 1.

I miss reading. So much.

I want to read at least one book a month this year. At least. I will actually be disappointed in myself if I don't.

So, a promise to myself.

Make time for reading.
Blog books you read.
Keep a reading log for encouragement.

I can, and I will get back into reading. I just need a little more concentration.

Anyone have any advice for someone who has turned from a reader, to a non-reader, and desperately wants to get back to it?



  1. Last year I found it really helped to use Goodreads.com to set a reading goal and update books on there. I love how they show you your progress (Great work, you're 2 books [3%] ahead of your goal!)

  2. First step: Pick up a book.
    Second step: Open it.
    Third step...well you get the picture. *grin*

    Stepping into that fabulous world inside a library is a sure way to get back into reading. Something about all those books just waiting to be devoured.

    Eh, I'm a writer. I couldn't imagine going from reader to non-reader. Pretty sure that is impossible, in fact.


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