Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Adventures

Today had some adventures, some naps, and the final completion of a project at least.

It also had morning fog, which turned into glorious sunshine.



Adventure one:

I went to an art gallery in town, which had some cool features...

We're All Artists

Crayon Station

Where are you?

I Need This

Adventure two:

My first hair cut since last August. And my last in canterbury with my hairdresser... I hate the cost of getting it done, but I love it when it is off of my neck again!

Washed and Ready to Rock.

In progress...

My neck has been freed from the constraints of hair.

Crazed hair...

Didn't actually manage to get a decent shot of it once done. Will get that done tomorrow.

Project completion:

My cousins birthday present. Her birthday was in February. I'm running a little behind.

Big bang theory pixel people.

anyway. Happy weekending everyone.

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