Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Games!

Everyone loves games. 

Well. Most people.

I've played many forms. 
Retro Gaming

Day 89: Guitar Hero

Board games, role playing games, online games, computer games.


Day Seven: Dice

I think though, after much debate, board games continue to be my favorite.

Mini stonehenge

I'm particularly keen on scrabble.

What kind of games do you play? What's your favorite board game?


  1. Clue, hands down. Best game ever. Awesome post and happy A-Z blogging.

  2. As a kid my fave games were Game of Life and Cluedo, I do still like board games but its hard to find people who share that interest, but when I nag them into submission, I like to play pictionary, rapidough, scattegories, hum bug and that one where you have to describe a word without using certain words. I don't know if these count as board games? So will say Scrabble instead.

  3. I think my favorite game of all time is Balderdash - my family has a huge game day every year and that game is always hilarious. The definitions just get more and more outlandish as the night (and the drinking!) goes on. :) But also Clue - great game. Oh, and Stratego! Haven't played that in a long time. Gonna have to go dig out my games now... :)


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