Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for Home!

The view.

*Sigh* I had this post all written out, and then something buggy happened and it all went away. So please forgive what may be the randomness of this. It's pretty late as I'm re-typing this (on Saturday night/Sunday night) and I've had a long couple of days moving and traveling, and far too little coffee. But quite a few mini eggs. (Happy Easter by the way.)

Napping pip.

We have come home to Pip's folks place. What will be our home in a month or so.

Old school curtains.

Half empty shelves.

His childhood room is currently a little crazy. Stuff all over the place.
Lots of junk. Lots of books! Lots of random boxes and piles of things that have built up since he went to university. Kind of like an office/garage/bedroom storage junk yard in one!

Full shelves.

But I'm sure I can make my mark tidying it up and sorting it out!
Nothing like a bit of organising to make me happy.

Along with decorating his parents bedroom this week! Of course!

Unpacking. Kind of.

Day 299

1 comment:

  1. Grr to blog posts lost to the ether!

    But this is nice. :) I'm sure you'll clean things out, settle in, and make the place your own together.


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