Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for Apple

I'm an apple girl.*
There. I said it.

I am addicted to apple.
From my first iPod.

Walking to class

To my iMac.


To my iPad2.


Apple. I love it.

You won't turn me away from it.

Evil empire? Eh. I don't mind.

*Well, except for that pesky HTC phone I have.


  1. Awesome A!

    Hi, nice to meet you.

  2. Me, too - Right down to the stupid HTC phone.

  3. >Love me a little APPLE too. :-) popping over from A-Z

  4. Nice to meet you from the challenge!

    This is such a fun post, I'm not a big Apple fan myself, but they do have some fun things to play with!


  5. Lucky you. I'm looking forward to getting an iPad soon.

  6. Hi there! Found you through the A to Z Challenge. And I am right there with you - Apple all the way. Actually, my (PC) computer was acting up at work last week and I confessed to my IT person that I was stumped because... I'm a Mac. She just grinned and said she was a Mac too. Then together we threw my computer out the window. (Okay. That last part may not have happened.) Anyway, happy first day of the challenge!

    1. Hi! I would love to throw my work computer out of the window! :D

  7. I'm definitely an Apple devotee as well. It boggles my mind when businesses still use the world's crappiest PCs and end up wasting so much time getting techs to come in and remove all the viruses...

    Do you have an iPhone yet? Or does the iPad kind of take its place?

    1. I do want to get an iPhone, as my iPod has just died and I'm fed up with my current phone, but it is not too urgent! One day, someday!

  8. I thought of this, because I'm an Apple fan, but did an apple instead. How cool. Great writers think alike. Hehehe! I'm stopping by to say Hi and I'm new to the A to Z challenge and truly enjoying it.


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