Saturday, 12 May 2012

Moving on

Box one complete.

Life continues this weekend, after a pretty stressful week. So stressful, that when I went to the doctors about my continued nausea and general stomach pain, and she asked if I was stressed, I couldn't help but laugh!

With regards to the last job interview, it was a pretty weird group interview with psychometric tests. Pretty much every candidate stood up and said they liked going out partying on a friday night; i said i liked staying in with friends and playing board games or sewing. Obviously not the right answer as they said they would call that afternoon but they never did. I'm pretty frustrated by that. Either way, it's clear it wasn't to be.

And hey, maybe that's for the best in terms of packing up (and getting well). Which began today in the kitchen. (Boy, do we have a lot of cooking stuff!) We packed maybe a quarter of our kitchen items, leaving out what we might need this week. I also prepped a box of books which I now can't move...

There is something very ironic about packing all your glass ware into a box by a company called 'dropsy'. Somewhat worrying, but I labelled it all nicely, so hopefully it will make it in one piece.

Tomorrow I'm planning on sorting out all of my stationary and various crafting supplies to make it easier to pack up and move.

But we will see how far I get with that. We've been pretty moochy this afternoon, watching how to cook like Heston. We watched chocolate, and potatoes, and both have some incredibly (insane) awesome ideas for cooking. I want to cook the truffles from the chocolate one. I never knew it could be that simple! Pip seems to have a thing for the popping candy dish though. If you have access to 4od, it is well worth a watch. Each episode is only 20 minutes or so.

Last night i stayed up late reading the hunger games, which whilst very enjoyable, is a rip off of a much more violent and interesting book/film called 'battle royale'. Still, I'm interested enough to want to continue reading, although they could quite happily have left it at a certain point where something is threatened to happen but doesn't, and I would have been much more impressed.

This post is all a bit of some crazed thoughts, but my mind doesn't seem to be working quite right at the moment.

Hope everyone is having a happy sunny Saturday.

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