Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday Treasury: Time for Tea

Time for an evening cup of tea.

I love a hot cup of tea in the evening.

Winding down from the day with fingers curled around a mug of steaming tea.

Milky white. No sugar.

Maybe a biscuit or two (or three, as I stole one of Pip's!)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Blues

It goes to show how tired I am tonight, in that, when titling this post, I wrote 'Munday.' Forgive me for any further grammatical and/or spelling failures.

It was my first day back at work in two weeks today. I had 16 days off. I was away for some, sick for others. But I didn't have to get up and head into work; bliss.

Today wasn't actually so bad. I woke up a full hour before I  had to leave (following Campfire Chic's advice) giving me enough time to wake up properly and get myself breakfast and a non-rushed cup of coffee. That may have been the best thing about getting up earlier. I also made sure I had something yummy for lunch (rocky road), as well as a new book to read on my lunch break.

These little things really helped.

It also helps that in 11 or so weeks I will either be transferring and reducing my hours, or leaving for good. I may or may not be actively counting down. I know very little money will be hard. I know it will be excruciatingly difficult to find a decent job, but I am ready to go now. Ready to move on and take that step.

11 weeks.


hope it flies by.

Comfort clothes.

So I'm at home now, PJ'd up and admiring my lovely paper stitches over my arm. I'm about to put on some trashy TV from 40D and get to finishing my dinosaur.

Hope everyone had a happy (or not too bad) start to their week.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunlit Saturday

Sunshiny Day

Don't you just love it when the sunshine comes out at the end of February, and you are reminded that Spring is just around the corner? I do; totally puts a smile on my face. Do not get me wrong, I love the cold weather. But after all the grey, some sunshine just perks everyone up.

To celebrate the sunshine I made lemon drizzle cupcakes with a left over lemon, and poured a lovely cup of tea!

Tea and Cake

Colour is also appearing on my dinosaur cross stitch which has been black and white for so long! Can't wait to get him done now!

Colour starts to appear!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Rounding Up the Week

It's been both a busy, and a completely not busy, week.

If that makes sense to anyone.

I spent Monday through to Wednesday fighting a cracking headache that lingered until this morning. So I spent Monday in bed and Tuesday on the couch.

Crafting with qvc and soup.

Throughout my hiding out in the flat I sewed this dinosaur whilst watching a mixture of QVC and 'Making Space.'

Black is almost done!

Tuesday was pancake day!

In progress

Wednesday I was at the Doctors for my cough and asthma (turns out I was on a child's dose of medication and it got doubled) and hanging out with Pip taking a crazy long nap. I also bought this fabric on my way home:

Fat Quarters

Thursday is where it got busy as I completely cleaned out the top half of the kitchen and did some general organization around the place.


Today was another trip to the Doctors, where I had my implant out. 
Which now hurts like a little bitch.
It was voluntary though, so I guess complaining is not allowed.
And I can't take the big bandage off until tomorrow;
 and the little one can't come off until Monday. :(

This fellow made it home with me after I stopped off at the shops. I needed some cheering up!


Hope everyone has a happy, headache free, weekend!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Still with the headache.

Still with the cough. But now with stronger inhalers.

Feel very down as feel like I have wasted my time off by being ill.

Only 4 more days then it's back to work for some 12 weeks. Then it is into the unknown.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Treasury

I couldn't figure out a way to embed from etsy, so here is the link: Storage and Stuff

I've been curled up on the couch with a headache all day again today, watching QVC's US craft day. Do people actually buy from the telly still? Everything seemed to sell out very quickly. I did learn quite a bit about papercraft though. I guess mindless TV has to be useful for something! There was some cool stuff I will admit, but nothing I would not prefer to look at in person before forking over money for! The Tim Holtz (Is that his name?) stuff looked pretty awesome!

Anyhoos, hope everyone has had their pancakes today! Have a happy Tuesday evening!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Grown up?

It's amazing how professionals, in this case a doctor, can make you feel like a child.
Like you haven't spent a long time making the right decision for you.
Like you haven't thought through all the potential consequences of your decision. (Getting my contraceptive implant out.)

I get that there are things you must be asked.
I get that you may know better and want to run tests about some of my problems.
That's fine. Do that. It would be nice to know some answers.
But it won't change the other reasons I want it done.
This is not taken lightly.

It's serious. It's a "Grown Up Decision."

Thankfully, it is my right to stop using a particular form of birth control.
It doesn't feel right for me anymore, even if there is a 'good two years left in it.'
I was pretty firm with the doctor about it. A lot of women talk about having issues getting their doctor to remove it. I think, if I hadn't been so sure and having a pretty hard tone with her, she wouldn't have booked me into getting it removed. It would have been tests this week and 'we will see'.  I'm pretty dubious about what she will say to me when I actually go on Friday too...

But I mostly know what I want now. My side effects are not the worst I could imagine, but with it out, I can regain a sense of what is normal for me. The headaches, the mood swings, the crying; what of that is me, and what of that is hormonal? After four years on it, I want to come off of hormonal contraception and sort myself out. (Not apparently, a good reason for its removal.)

But I still feel like I am being told I am making the wrong choice, because I choose to remove it rather than live with the side effects. This wasn't explicit, but in the tone used, and the having to persuade her that whilst I would have the tests, I still wanted it out, it was implicit.

Does anyone else have problems with Doctors getting what you want/need?
I guess I should just be thankful we have the NHS right now at all and deal with them in a nice, grown up way.

But this:

Saturday, 18 February 2012

When Saturday's are good..


... You have a fabulous lay in, with breakfast and coffee made for you.
... You get a cool magazine in the store, and still come in under budget.
... You have an awesomely good two hour nap to make up for the previous nights crummy sleep interrupted by ridiculous itchiness of the back.
... You order Chinese take out and eat whilst watching lord of the rings.
... You can relax in bed sewing cool dinosaur mottos.
... You make rocky road and it is really easy.

You know things aren't quite right when...

... You can't stop coughing.
... You drop your lunch, spill tea everywhere and break the plate.
... After making a second lunch, (on a plastic plate) you drop half of that too.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and not dropping too much food!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Catching Up

Opps. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Bench Monday Bowling

I'm back home now, and slowly getting into the swing of it. Was pretty out of it with a headache all day yesterday, and have been coughing a lot today so it looks like I have a cold. Again. I seem to keep getting them this year. Ick. Booked in with the asthma nurse for next Wednesday, earlier if anyone cancels; hopefully she will be able to tell me how to keep on top of my asthma with my newer inhaler. I seem to be struggling every time I get a cold right now, which isn't a great feeling.

Penny jar

I'm also booked in to speak with the Dr (on the phone, how cool is that) on Monday morning about having my implant out. Fed up with the headaches and general craziness of it all. This one's been in a year and quite frankly, we are not in agreement. Hopefully she will agree to let me go on something different that will make me less emotionally batshit crazy and crappy feeling. I guess we will see what she says. I think I should not have had this second one in. I had enough blah with the first one. Giving it another go for a year is enough for me.

Look! It's all tidy again!

In other less medical related news I tided just about everything today, including the underneath of the bed, the entire bathroom, the wardrobe, and the paper suitcase. The only thing left is the kitchen which needs a really good clean, and the bookshelves, which need a bit of a sort out.

I also watched a whole lot of 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'. Highly amusing. But also one of those things you feel really bad watching. The weddings are INSANE. I mean, these women can barely walk in the dresses...

Last, but awesomely, I'm stitching a 'Rawr! Means I love you in Dinosaur' picture right now. 
It's so cute!


Have a happy weekend all.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Dreams of the weary

Nap time

I've been having a whole series of crazy weird dreams over the past few nights. Most odd. Seem to hit me at my weariest.

Highlights include dreams about my tongue swelling up at work and not being able to breathe, as well as the classic (for me anyways) not handing in essays on time. Oh, and last night was that, as well as being unable to get anyone to start a craft group... All at uni. Which I left over a year ago.

I'm sure that essay one is indicative of something, as I continue to get it, even knowing that I have my degrees. It's very odd in that, it always take me a few moments upon waking to realise that no, I don't have any work due.

Do you still have these kinds of dreams after studying? Do they ever go away? What's your weirdest dream?

Sunday, 12 February 2012


I'm at home this week. I'm also now off of work for two weeks, so once I'm feeling better (totally run down right now) blogging should re-commence!

For now, and so it doesn't look like I have completely abandoned my blog, have some pictures of my weekend so far!

My little brother, who keeps getting older. Crazy.

Socks and pants
Still stitching up my rocket ship. I'm currently doing the laundry room!

Coffee cupcakes
Coffee cupcakes for my mum. Actually, it was supposed to be a cake but it collapsed in the oven! Weird.

Saturday night entertainment...
Some traditional family entertainment in the form of a board game! I lost dramatically. Damn those forgeries.

Isn't he so cute.
My cutie panda from hobbycraft. I was very restrained and just bought this and some aida. So I can get some more random stitching down!

Anyways, I'm off to spend more time sat sewing on the couch.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A favourite stitch

Increasingly popular

Obviously, cross stitch is just one of those ever occurring trends!
I'm still working on the space ship waste pipes. Hope to move onto other parts of the ship soon!

Fighting a cold and stitching whilst tucked up in bed.
How are you spending your Wednesday?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tea for the Weary

We are failing to fight a horrid stuffy cold here.

Tea is soothing us during the battle to stay awake and upright.


But to be honest, I'm heading to bed after drinking it!

Tea for the Weary

I need to get back to being healthy. Not being able to breathe properly sucks.

This is one problem of working in a place with the public, as well as not being able to take sick days.
Everyone comes in ill, and it just seems to be an endless cycle of colds and flu.

Anyway, I'll stop having man flu now and go sew some, before crashing.

Hope everyone else is successfully keeping the colds at bay!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

(Pathetic) Snow!



Frozen Fountain


Ice, Ice, Baby

So we finally had some snow. Not much, and it pretty much turned into some leathel ice by the end of the day.

They think more is on the way tonight, but we shall see what comes of it.

Keep warm if it is cold where you are! Duvets, hot coco, and movies are your friends this week by the looks of it!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Night Buttons

I am not feeling it tonight. Just a little fed up. Mooching around by myself. Wholly unsatisfying dinner. You know. Everything is a little blah.

So I got the button tin out. The start of my button tin. I'm hoping to grow it.

Everyone else always play with your mum's or grans button tin when you were little?

How if your Friday night progressing? Are you suitable relaxed?
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