Saturday, 31 March 2012

Blogging From A-Z!

Starting tomorrow, I will be blogging an A-Z challenge. Every day a different letter. I won't be using a theme, as I just want to have a go at blogging everyday.
I'm not 100% sure I will finish, but I will give it a go.

I have a few ideas, but I am not yet sure what every day will look like.

Having had a think, the first week is decided. I will spend this evening writing some posts so as to get ahead of the game. 

After next week, I'm off work for a week so will have more time and energy to blog.
Although I am also off decorating a house that week...

Hope to see you around over the next month and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Pixel People

I have finally, finally, finally, finished my cousins birthday present.
It's been planned for months, and only just finished!

Here is some shots of it in progress:

Evening in.

Sunday night stitching...

Big bang theory pixel people.

Glue gun!

The back. Best I could come up with...

... and it all started with a big bang...

It's nice to see something get done. Everything else I am doing right now is in progress.

Life in progress.

What projects are you working on that are finishing up?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Treasury!

Stunned it is only Tuesday. Feels a lot later in the week! :(

So, maps are pretty 'in' right now, and I am loving the old school ones that are around. I've put together a little treasury of some cool maps and map related crafts over on etsy!

Take a look!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Adventures

Today had some adventures, some naps, and the final completion of a project at least.

It also had morning fog, which turned into glorious sunshine.



Adventure one:

I went to an art gallery in town, which had some cool features...

We're All Artists

Crayon Station

Where are you?

I Need This

Adventure two:

My first hair cut since last August. And my last in canterbury with my hairdresser... I hate the cost of getting it done, but I love it when it is off of my neck again!

Washed and Ready to Rock.

In progress...

My neck has been freed from the constraints of hair.

Crazed hair...

Didn't actually manage to get a decent shot of it once done. Will get that done tomorrow.

Project completion:

My cousins birthday present. Her birthday was in February. I'm running a little behind.

Big bang theory pixel people.

anyway. Happy weekending everyone.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Apparently, I'm too busy sewing and reading to come up with anything to blog about in the evenings. I'll be back over the weekend, when hopefully I'll be less exhausted and more coherent.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Drowning in laundry


So much laundry.

Never ending.

Can't wait to not wear uniform every day.

The stripes do nothing for me.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend Gaming

Had a very nice day yesterday, lunching and gaming.

Lunch was in Nando's; good chicken to be had.

Nando's Chicken

It was definitely March, with a nice sprinkling of rain.

Spring Weekends

We played Scrabble:

Almost over...

We played Munchkin:

Munchkin in progress

And rounded the afternoon off with some Settlers:


I was loosing badly so I established Stonehenge:

Mini stonehenge

All this excitement had us both asleep by 9pm. Slept for almost 12 hours. Old folk the both of us obviously...

Now it's time for the reading and sewing of a Sunday afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Evening In

Evening in.

Everyone is out at a party. Too tired and broke to go a-drinking.
Pip's folks stopped by with German food supplies and fresh from France bread.
I finally, finally, finally got started on my cousins birthday present. A month and a half late...
I've got only 8 weeks of full time work left. Yikes. How time flies.
I've been reading a game of thrones this week; possibly why I've been absent (although the foul mood had something to do with that too...) I finished book one, and am now trekking through book two.
I've been so out of sorts this week. Lots of quality time with books and the duvet. Hoping this weekend will sort me out.
Back soon. Planning on getting some spring photos tomorrow if the weather is nice.
Have a happy weekend.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday Treasury


Tuesday Treasury. Back soon with an actual post. So tired I may actually hit something or cry right now.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day

Yet more lines. Still tucked up in bed doing this.

It's international women's day today. Did you know that? Twitter informed me; and I'll bet loads of you found out through Google. No one actually mentioned it to me today though. It's obviously not got through into our yearly celebrations.

I think it should have though. In many places, and in many situations, women's issues must still be discussed. Hell, even in the USA, women need support owing to the ridiculous idea currently pertaining to removing access to cheap and easy birth control.

There is however equality in many places and respects in this day and age; but there are also so many problems with the role of women in society. Both in what they are perceived to want, and what they actually want.

I guess in general there are two 'options'.

- stay at home homemaker. Seamstress. Child raiser. Cook. Cleaner.
- career women. Go out to work. Break the glass ceiling. Powerhouse.

I am really generalising here; some women are strong enough, maybe crazy enough, to do both. Have it all as it were. And women should be supported to have it all. To go out into the world and succeed in undertaking that role of mother, as well as career women.

To be honest, I'm not looking for such a job. Just something I enjoy. 21st century feminism? To me, it is the option of having access to both paths. The option of being a career person. But also the option of staying at home, unstigmatised by other women for wanting to undertake that path.

But that should also apply to where a man wants to stay at home in that role. Because that raises a whole other set of stigmas that really need to be dealt with. Equality goes both ways. I think sometimes that is forgotten.

Traditional activities seem to be having a renaissance of sorts. The homemaker crafts are on the rise in popularity, making it okay, in some way, to stay at home and raise a family.

It's just pretty unaffordable, and many women, due to the current social and economic situation, have to work as a family cannot survive on one income.

So in some respects, perhaps what women once sort to escape, has become the new unobtainable. We have what we want (in the west); understanding and representation, to a degree, but now, what we didn't want is what we want!

Did that even make sense? Probably not.

Moving on to the next point...

Julochka was talking today about a more compassionate and value based interpretation of the world being a potential way forward to encourage further equality.

This got me thinking that perhaps the current way of looking at women's identity is flawed; that in order for women's rights and values to be upheld, we need to change the way issues are comprehended in a male dominated world view. Women have come to an equality that is based on the male world view of career and money, an understanding rooted in the depths of history as established by men.

I took a course in university on feminism as a part of political culture, writing a paper on equality in terms of feminism and multiculturalism (as a side note, equality is an incredibly complex term as every group after equality wants something different, even when there overarching aim is the same; making these coexist, especially for competing cultures, is a nightmare).

What I discovered doing this was an argument produced around the idea of sameness/difference. Traditionally in feminism of the 18th Century, arguments for the equality of women stemmed from the idea of women being the same as men on legal terms. He undertook to see women become equal in the eyes of the law, but  (see J.S. Mill on the subjection of women)  Mill, a utilitarian, also argued that society was less rich for not having the input of women.

The more modern 'difference' argument stems from the idea that women are different, but the law makes them the same as men, thus establishing the idea of women building themselves on the blocks of a male society. Within this, women must be allowed instead to be women; they must be allowed their differences whilst also being allowed all that they have been denied. (see Catherine Mackinnon, towards a feminist theory of state).

On international women's day of all days, perhaps we ought to therefore look at creating women's identity in a world paradigm that is both masculine and feminine. Women should have their differences celebrated whilst also allowing them all that is denied; from the right to effective and free birth control, to the the right to vote, to the right to be the CEO of any multinational corporation they choose, or the head of any state they want, without any qualifications on their gender. Only that they be smart and capable enough to maintain that role.

We need to help build in an order that establishes a way of allowing women access to the life they want without being defined by the traditional frame of feminism and modern life.

So any ideas on how we go about doing that?

You can once again that this post for the above ramble...

Blogging from A-Z!

I stumbled across this blogging challenge today. The A-Z blogging challenge.

I've signed up as I think its time for some sort of challenge. Haven't done one in a while.

The basic premise is that you blog everyday (excluding Sunday's) with each day based around a topic beginning with the day's letter of the alphabet. I think it will be fun, if daunting. I will probably struggle with some of the more obscure letters. Any particular ideas anyone wants to suggest?

Why not join in? It might be hard, but it looks like a great way to get to know other bloggers as well as expand blogging horizons. (If blogs had horizons that is!)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reading, or lack thereof

I've just been looking over my old live journal entires. On average, I read about 150 books a year.

Last year I probably read about 10. So far, this year, I've read 1.

I miss reading. So much.

I want to read at least one book a month this year. At least. I will actually be disappointed in myself if I don't.

So, a promise to myself.

Make time for reading.
Blog books you read.
Keep a reading log for encouragement.

I can, and I will get back into reading. I just need a little more concentration.

Anyone have any advice for someone who has turned from a reader, to a non-reader, and desperately wants to get back to it?


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Late night education

Pip is explaining schrodingers cat to me. Late night physics rocks.

My man is doing his PHD in physics. He has, for reasons unknown, and yet useful to me, decided to impart his physics wisdom and teach me to code. Yeah. Computer code. Starting with C++.

I don't think it will be easy; I'm not a great listener. More of a read it to learn type of person.

But, when it results in using the white board, being explained the whole schrodinger's cat thing very late at night, it is highly entertaining.

I can't even remember how we got onto the cat... The bunny in the corner is my contribution! But I do now understand the concept. Somewhat at least.

And yes, my life did dissolve into a 'big bang theory' comedy sketch last night.


Have a happy Sunday night folks. May it be calming and educational to you all.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happy Saturday

What makes a happy Saturday?

Cushion in Situ.

- A long lay in, complete with snuggles!

- A meal out (in lieu of no anniversary or valentines celebration).

- Touring the antiques fair and bazaar and having to forcibly restrain yourself from buying vintage cameras!

- Taking a long nap.

- Watching a old school detective style Castle episode.

- Putting together my first ever cushion cover. Will do the other one tomorrow!

- Ordering a whole bunch of threads online to get the next stitching project underway! Yay!

Cushion One!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday Night Crafting

So I decided to actually do something tonight, rather than my normal moping on a Friday night!

I've been meaning to make some cushion covers for my bargain 50p cushions.

I figured this fabric would make fabulous mismatched cushions! :D

Fat Quarters

I hate this ironing board. It's all we really have space for though, but it makes sewing a nightmare. I tried to iron my quilt top on it the other day; complete nightmare. Anyone else have to deal with a tiny ironing board?

I got to use my Cath Kidston pins for the first time! :D

And ta da: A cushion cover:
I have a cushion cover. Almost. Still needs sewing!

Well, almost a cushion cover. I need to sew it all together in the morning!

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Where's my mojo? Have you seen it?

I feel like I've lost my mojo. My enthusiasm. My ability to do anything.

(Except cross stitch.)

But having finished one project, I'm not ready to move back to the rocket ship tonight.

Not really ready to do anything.

I need some crafty motivation.

I'm missing photo taking, but I know I don't have the energy for a 365 again.
I've barely picked up my camera since January. I need to find a way of taking pictures again, without it becoming a daily chore, but something I enjoy.

I need to learn to be bothered of an evening.

Does anyone else have this problem of returning from work and just not doing anything? Of just vegetating on the couch and becoming a flat blob who can't move? Just me? Shared shatteredness?

It might just be this week. Back to work after time off is always hard.
I need a project. Or something to work on photography wise.


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