Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Liebster Blog Award

How awesome. I got a liebster blog award. Thank you Jessica at a sort of mental squint!

See, now this award strikes me as a little odd. I cannot find very much about this award, except that it randomly appears on blogs, but has no starting point, and you give it to five other small (under 200 followers) blogs that you think deserve it.

So. I don't actually follow all that many blogs with so few readers. Here is a couple that I do want to share! Pay them a visit, it will be well worth your time!

Deborah at Pictures On My Wall! I love this blog because it has lots of baking, lots of great photos and Deborah is so sweet!

Kristin at my life as a teacup. I love this blog because of how upbeat it is, sharing link love, recipes, and all sorts! :D

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. I'm making bagels and planning some future blog posts!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some Stitching Time

A somewhat calm day, if one where I have been feeling a little worse for the wear.
Stomach problems are getting me down, and I have two new lots of meds to be taking to see if that resolves anything. The pain in my front is better, but it appears to have migrated around to my back (kidneys?) Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow or I may return to the doctors this week, rather than in two weeks.

Health rant over, I got my sewing machine out at last and practiced some machine embroidery. This was way harder than I thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun! :D I think I will keep at it for now! Any tips from anyone who has mastered this?

First tries!

A little better.
Getting somewhere. Kind of.

The rest of the evening is apparently going to be spent getting stuff up into the attic now the weather has cooled off somewhat, and practicing the ukelele.

Finally, I just want to direct people towards the Amanda Palmer kickstarter! I've pledged for the CD, but even $1 would be appreciated. Saying that, she just hit $1 Million.
 Be a part of the future of music!
In return you get a digital download of some awesome music. Listen to some of it. Such as this, The Bed Song.

We are off to see her live on 20th June in London with Kim and Dave.
I cannot wait. It's going to be AWESOME! Again! :D

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Week Long Week!

It's been an incredibly long, warm, and busy week. I'm sorry about the lack of coherent updates. I intend on getting my blogging ball rolling again shortly.

Before I figure that out though, I thought I would update on the week gone by.

Last Saturday was moving day. The sheer amount of stuff we have, notably kitchen gear, was insane. So much so that on Wednesday, the guys had to GO BACK to Canterbury to pick up what didn't fit in a freaking huge transit van. (To be honest, there was not a lot that didn't fit. But it was stuff we needed, so back they went!) It took us something like 5 hours to load the van and 45 minutes to unpack. Living up four flights of stairs will do that! We were completely shattered that night.

Sunday was about getting our gear together and getting it sorted out. In order for our room and the office to be set up, we had to relocate two rooms. You can only imagine the chaos we caused moving Pip's parents old office into the new office, and moving our stuff into his bedroom. I wish I had more photos of the move, but we were so busy and covered in dust and piles of stuff, I probably could not have located my camera if I had wanted to! I have some instagrams of getting the bedroom furniture built.

Monday we set up the office. This is actually what was the  biggest bedroom, but it fits four desks and shelving in so has become a communal office for us all. It's still a work in progress but I have my iMac up, space to craft, and I'm pretty happy with the set up!
We also joined the Doctors and the dentist over the road. Sorted.

This is the old office, and us endeavoring to clear it up and move the big desk through to the new one.

I have no idea what we did on Tuesday. I presume more of the same. Apparently I was pretty quiet online, and have no recollection. It was that kind of a week!
Edit: Oh! I know! I went to see the nurse. 
She was very nice. Glad to have a nice nurse!

Wednesday, I was left alone to mooch about, tidying up what I could, building some of the remaining furniture in the blissful sunshine!

I also applied to a few jobs. Some application forms are ridiculous. Fill all this in, and then upload your CV, with exactly the same information on. :O

Guess I have to get used to that!

Meadow in the garden.

Thursday we headed into town to see what was what. I found a cheap fabric store, but it wasn't a cute boutique and cosy like the one in Canterbury. More like something you find in an episode of Eastenders. Still, John Lewis has a pretty good, more upmarket range should the need occur. Which I dare say it will.

Mocha Chocolate Cookie Frappachino!

We also began making skittle vodka. It tastes so good it's really bad! Dangerous. Easy to drink!

Leaving to Brew!

Friday was Pip's birthday! So there was cake!


and vodka production was finished and chilled!

Ta Da!

Today we mooched some more, I applied for some more jobs, cleaned out the fridge, helped Pip's mum unpack some of her glass ware.

Like I said, it's been really freaking busy. We are all completely shattered. 
And warm. Boy, it is warm!

Oh, dinner is ready so I shall be back later with more escapades of life in Reading.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Fare thee well.


It's my last full day in Canterbury. It's been a great seven years. Ups and downs and middles.


I move to Reading tomorrow. Off to seek my fortune. Figure out who I am and what I want to do.


I'll be without internet until Tuesday due to some hitch with BT and the phone line. 

 I'm sure I'll be tweeting though so pop on over and say hi!

This is me, checking out.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Sensitive Matter

Okay guys, this one's a little feminine, so if you are sensitive to discussion of sanitary products, you may like to skip it!

Look a pretty flower to distract you.


I had to buy some pads this week, for the first time in a couple of months. I grabbed the ones I have always got, for like ten years. Always Ultra. I have never had a problem with them, and considering how sensitive my skin is, that is a miracle. I didn't even really look at the packet.

Big mistake.

You see, P&G, the company that makes always ultra, have decided that, as a small group of women said odor was a problem, they were going to take a perfectly good line of products and make them small like old granny perfume (A side effect of their new odor neutralizing actipearls!). 


I was pretty pissed about it. Pissed enough that for the first time ever, I had to get some answers.
 I emailed to ask why they had not simply set up a separate product. 

It baffles me. Why change one of your core ranges so dramatically? 

Seriously. Granny perfume in your crotch. Who would want that?

This is my email to them:


Having just discovered that you have changed 'Always Ultra' to include actipearls, I must confess to being incredibly disappointed in the product.

I have used Always Ultra for as long as I can remember. They are a product I trusted and bought without any concerns.

Imagine my thoughts then, when I open a new packet to find a scented product. A product that I would not want anywhere near a very sensitive area of myself.

Now, I understand that you undertook a survey of some 2000 women, and that their second biggest concern was odor. I will say outright that this has never really been a concern of mine. Nor anything that has ever come up in discussion with my peers.

So, whilst this group of women may want a scented product, there are those of us that would like a product along the 'ultra' lines, without the actipearls.

My question then is this: Why did you not think to market both lines as separate products?

Why did you change every product of the 'ultra' line without consideration of those women who were content with the line as it was?

Surely there is room for a line of always 'scented' odor reducing pads whilst also providing a line of products suitable for those of us unhappy with such a product.

It has been such a blow to discover that I have to change from a brand I trusted to another that I do not know.

Please pass this along to anyone who might be able to influence the return of an unscented ultra line.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Can't wait to see what they reply with?

Don't forget ladies! Have a happy period now!


EDIT: Quick reply from consumer relations. Although I do note that they left out my name, and it's pretty much an identical to the reply received from them to the lady in the other blog. Hmm.


Thank you for your email to Always.

I am sorry to hear that you have been disappointed with your purchase of our Always Ultra pads and appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

Here at Always, we take our quality control very seriously. You can be assured that I have passed your comments on to our Quality Assurance Department.

The scent you have noticed from the new Always Ultra pad is not intentionally added but comes from the odour neutralizing ActiPearl technology.   Our intensive consumer research among over 2000 women has shown that odour control is the second most important benefit for women after reliable protection.   We designed Always Ultra ActiPearls to be as absorbent and protective as the previous product but now with added benefit of odour control.  ActiPearl technology is available in Always Ultra Normal, Normal Plus, Long, Long Plus and Night variants.

ActiPearl technology is not applied to the surface of the pad but contained inside the pad so there is no direct contact with the skin. All of our Always products are dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

If you want to purchase a product without the Actipearl technology technology then Always Silk, Freshelle, Fresh, and Simply Fit are available.

If you want a product without scent then Always Simply Fit and Always Ultra with Freshelle are available.

We would love you to continue using our Always products and I would like to send you a voucher to use against your next purchase. Please send me a note of your full name and postal address so that I can arrange this.

I hope this helps.  If I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to call me on freephone (UK) 0800 0852591, or write to me via return email.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Last Days


It was my last day at work today. I'm kind of sad about leaving. After all, it's been four years.

Last day.

Im heading into the unknown, into the world of unemployment for who knows how long. I have all sorts it thoughts tumbling through my head right now.
It's going to take a little while to organise that and feel right about it all.

Mostly I have an end of term feeling. Like its summer break. Maybe it is. Maybe I need that space to sort out my head and decide on my next path.


So thank you for the memories of work. But I won't miss you when I get up in the morning and do not have to rush around.

Two years on my feet.

My feet are pretty pleased at the prospect of not standing for 8 hours a day. My shoes were worn right through!

So happy/nervous unemployment day to me.


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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Moving on

Box one complete.

Life continues this weekend, after a pretty stressful week. So stressful, that when I went to the doctors about my continued nausea and general stomach pain, and she asked if I was stressed, I couldn't help but laugh!

With regards to the last job interview, it was a pretty weird group interview with psychometric tests. Pretty much every candidate stood up and said they liked going out partying on a friday night; i said i liked staying in with friends and playing board games or sewing. Obviously not the right answer as they said they would call that afternoon but they never did. I'm pretty frustrated by that. Either way, it's clear it wasn't to be.

And hey, maybe that's for the best in terms of packing up (and getting well). Which began today in the kitchen. (Boy, do we have a lot of cooking stuff!) We packed maybe a quarter of our kitchen items, leaving out what we might need this week. I also prepped a box of books which I now can't move...

There is something very ironic about packing all your glass ware into a box by a company called 'dropsy'. Somewhat worrying, but I labelled it all nicely, so hopefully it will make it in one piece.

Tomorrow I'm planning on sorting out all of my stationary and various crafting supplies to make it easier to pack up and move.

But we will see how far I get with that. We've been pretty moochy this afternoon, watching how to cook like Heston. We watched chocolate, and potatoes, and both have some incredibly (insane) awesome ideas for cooking. I want to cook the truffles from the chocolate one. I never knew it could be that simple! Pip seems to have a thing for the popping candy dish though. If you have access to 4od, it is well worth a watch. Each episode is only 20 minutes or so.

Last night i stayed up late reading the hunger games, which whilst very enjoyable, is a rip off of a much more violent and interesting book/film called 'battle royale'. Still, I'm interested enough to want to continue reading, although they could quite happily have left it at a certain point where something is threatened to happen but doesn't, and I would have been much more impressed.

This post is all a bit of some crazed thoughts, but my mind doesn't seem to be working quite right at the moment.

Hope everyone is having a happy sunny Saturday.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I'm sorry for the absence around here, but I am crazily busy this week. I feel incredibly tense, and it's only Tuesday!

I have another job interview on Thursday, so am travelling back to pips folks tomorrow night after work. Been prepping for it since i got in! I will be back here by Thursday evening, with work again Friday. Then, we will see how the interview goes as to the remainder of my week...

Fingers crossed for me please! This one looks great! And it starts on Monday, which would be crazy in terms of my move, but very very good in terms of my life!

I'll try and blog on Saturday. Let you know how it is going. Promise.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Recovery and recuperation.

So, the a-z kind of took it out of me. Add to that a (failed) job interview and the stress and recovery from travelling, I haven't really been in a blogging place.

Or even in a being awake place.

I've been going to work, coming home, and just collapsing.

But, I'm back with the program. I have a whole lot coming up, with only 7 shifts left at work, and only 14 days until we move, it's crunch time for Canterbury.

I'm really looking forward to being in a big town, much closer to london and the greater potential for a job that I love. (Failing that, I just need some starting capital and I would be willing to open a fabric store as I have yet to find a small, local one in the place I'm moving to. I've even got a spot in mind, just next to the local milliners). I'm also looking forward to a decent library, a chance to make new friends, and just getting on with life away from my job here. I'm not happy in it, and it has felt worse and harder as the move creeps up on us.

I'm sad to leave the wonderful boutique shops here, and my favourite fabric store. I'm sad to be leaving a place with such history that I walk past every day. I'll be sad to leave friends here. Sad to leave a life built over the past 7 years.

But so very excited about the prospects for more.

Have you ever moved out of an area permanently? Knowing you are not likely to live there again? What's the worst thing about it? What's the best? Let me know!

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