Sunday, 26 January 2014

LEGO Movie minifigures

So, they have started to arrive in the shops at last! Just in time for the LEGO movie to be released, it's the LEGO movie minifigure collection.

Below are the dot codes for 13/16 of the minifigures. Please be aware that dot codes are unreliable and might differ from those below so you should always have a feel of the packet to work out what is inside! I've given some hints on this below. The dot code can offer you a quick check only.

LEGO Movie minifigure dot codes
Last of the bump codes

So, with the dot codes out of the way, onto what you can expect to find in your LEGO minifigure bags this time around!

The LEGO Movie Minifigures

1. Calamity Drone

Calamity Drone

This lady drone has an amazing little red hat piece.

You can feel her out first by checking if there is a dress piece inside (they tend to make the packet bulkier and are easy to feel).
However, she is not the only figure in a dress in this set, so confirm that it is her by feeling for the rifle!

2. President Business

President Business

President Business is a mean looking guy.
He is a simple figure with a great hair piece.
You are most likely to feel him out by the fact that he is the only figure with a mug.


3. Hard Hat Emmet

Hard hat Emmet

The hero of the set (I'm guessing, as other than the trailer, who knows what this movie will be about!).
He comes with a 1X2 flat piece, but is not the only figure with one (Cop has one too.)
You will feel him out by his slightly bumpy helmet and the fact that he does not have handcuffs.

4. Wild West Wyldstyle

Wild West Wyldstyle

Wild West Wyldstyle is our second lady with a dress piece, so that will make the packet slightly more obvious.
Distinguish her from Calamity Drone by feeling for her fan and the lack of rifle.

5. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Ab (can't wait to see him in the movie!) can be felt out by the large hat/beard piece.
It's pretty distinctive. You can confirm it's him by the 2x2 tablet piece.

6. Mrs Scratchen-Post

Mrs Scratchen-Post

She can be felt out by feeling for her cat and her long hair piece.


7. Scribble-face bad cop

Scribble-Face Bad Cop

This two-sided cop has a great second face but can be felt out by the handcuffs and the 1X2 tablet.
The tablet alone is not enough as Emmet also has this piece.

8. William Shakespeare


You will be able to feel him out by his ruffle piece (this will feel like a bumpy round circle) and the 2x2 tablet.

His hair piece might distinguish him too as he has a bald top.

9. Gail the Construction Worker

Gail the Construction Worker

A female construction worker! I love how awesome this is.
I wish there were more women in these kind of LEGO roles!
You can feel her out by the distinctive drill piece.


10. Larry the Barista

Larry the Barista

Larry, larry, larry. Overpriced, average coffee provider for the LEGO world.
He is a simple figure set, and can be found by feeling for his coffee cup.


11. Velma Staplebot

Velma Staplebot

Velma can be found by feeling for the 2x2 tablet piece and the beehive hair style (you can get a small finger in it so it's quite large and helmet like).


12. Taco Tuesday Man

Taco Tuesday Man

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday.
Taco man can be found on the simple fact he has two huge extra pieces - the hat, and the plate.


13. Where are my pant's Guy

Where Are My Pants Guy

Do American's realise that no pant's in the UK means NO UNDERWEAR??? Creepy!
Anyway, just feel for the packet with two leg sets!


14. Wiley Fusebot

Wiley Fusebot

Wiley is pretty easy to find.
His hat has a tail on it, and his dynamite is a bumpy set of 3 tubes together.


15. Panda Guy

Panda Guy

This is probably my favourite figure this time. Just for the cute panda teddy.
You will find this guy because his panda head is pretty obvious. Feel for that and the teddy bear and you're there.


16. Marsha Queen of the Mermaids

Marsha Queen of the Mermaids

One of the easiest to find because she has the large tail piece rather than legs.

I hope this helps you with your search for the movie minifigures.

Remember, it's best to search for figures by feeling them out and then using the dot codes as a back up confirmation.

If anyone has the dot codes for scribble face cop, the cat lady, or Shakespeare, please let me know what they are.
I will try and get them added as soon as I can find them myself, or elsewhere.

Have a happy LEGO filled day.

EDITED 01/02/14 with Shakespeare and Mrs Scratchen Post's photos and dot codes.


  1. how did I not realize that the mermaid's shell OPENS! that's fabulous!

    i think she and the taco tuesday man are the most plentiful because when i've been feeling up bags, it seems like there are a lot of those.

  2. the panda is killing me! i had no idea there were release dates in series...i guess i'll never get a chicken now. drats!

    1. Adorable right! Ebay is your friend for discontinued lines!

  3. I think im more hooked on finding them all than me 7 yr old son.

  4. Spend 1 hr at toys r us today using the feeling method and I got 6 out of 6.some people looked at me like I was nuts feeling all this packs and some mostly the workers would ask how ya making out. Have to admit it was fun.

    1. Haha! I know right! It is fun, but I think unless you've done it, you don't understand how fun! :)

  5. emmetemmetemmetemmetemmetemmetemmetemmetemmet

  6. Anyone have a bump code for Emmet?

    1. Hi, it's in the big list at at the top of this post!

  7. Awesome, thanks for the codes. Went to the shop today and the lady behind the counter asked me what I was doing. I told her about the codes and she looked at me a little strangely then another staff member came up and said "you didn't know about the bumps?" and started explaining the whole thing to her colleague while I stood there sifting through their stock.

    Also, I noticed some packs are really hard to pick or had extra bumps so for anyone trying this, take care and use a mix of bump + feel.

    1. Brilliant! It's definitely a good idea to bump and feel...

  8. That's really useful to know about the bump codes. I guess if you just made sure that you had no 2 bump patterns the same you would have a good chance of getting all different figures.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to make a really useful page.

  9. I have been searching for minifigure Lego movie from quite a long time and this is the best blog so far. You have listed every minifigure individually with name which makes it interesting and easy for newbies. Thank you!


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